Discover the new game

One in a Row 

Author, Inventor, developer and designer

" Patrick Timmerman "



One in a Row is a new game where the nine cubes need to be put inside the frame so that no more than a coloured square

is visible on each horizontal, vertical and diagonal line... More information



I'm a 46-year-old game developer from Belgium who has a great passion for puzzles.

In my spare time I create new games and now and then, there comes a new puzzle of me onto the market.

The game " One in a Row " is one of my latest games that has been produced by the company  " Philos ".

It's my third game that was good enough to be licensed by this firm....

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Feel free to like my videos on YouTube and to contact me with any questions about my games.

My first invention was a private project and dates back to the year 2005 when my hobby turned into a more professional occupation.  Actually, it all started back in 2002 when ...

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